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Best Australian Dollar Sports Betting

Other than using a trustworthy online bookie, finding a sports betting site that offers account in one’s native currency is the most desirable characteristic for bettors around the world.  Put very simply, by being able to deposit, bet with and withdrawal funds in the same currency allows you the bettor to save potentially large amounts of money that would otherwise be lost to currency exchange fees.  If you were to select a betting site that only offered betting accounts in US Dollars like the company ‘5Dimes’, you would be subject to fees that amount to 2% to 5% of the amount you transfer every time you transact funds, depending on the rates charged by the exchange-house.  

Unfortunately, you’ll never know exactly what fee you are being charged.  Exchange-houses deal in currency exchange at or near the day’s best rate of exchange for given currency pairings.  When you go to make the exchange, they mark-up the rate by this 2% to 5% and you will never see this markup, nor the rate they paid.  You will only ever see the exchange rate that you were given between the two currencies involved in the transaction.  Although that might not sound like a lot of money, it certainly adds up over time and there is absolutely no reason to pay such fees when there are several viable Australian Dollar betting sites.

In general, the people of Great Britain and Europe may take this aspect of sports betting for granted as the British pound and Euro are essentially ubiquitous - offered by nearly every major sportsbook around the World.  Betting sites with Australian Dollar betting accounts are more rare.  Thus when you realize that a company has decided to offer direct betting in the Australian Dollar and serve the Australian market, understand that such companies truly value you as a customer.  In addition, part of the sportsbook business model can be to make money through currency exchange.  This means some betting sites choose to enjoy making money without providing you with any real value.  When a company offers betting in your native currency, they are going to the expense of ensuring you may use your own money for your own enjoyment.  

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