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The Australian sports betting marketplace is an extremely interesting topic.  In 2001, Parliament passed the Interactive Gambling Act.  In doing so, several sports betting service providers needed to alter the way they do business in Australia to fall in line with the Act.  The law was brought about in an effort to curb problem gambling.  On a per capita basis, Australians gambled more than any other nationality in the developed world and the advent of the Internet had the capability to bring gambling services like casino games or fruit machines directly into people’s homes.  The Act stipulates that companies looking to offer sports wagering to Australians must differentiate their particular service so as to remove access to casino, slots and other gambling-related games.

As such, you will see that three of the best sites for Australian sports betting have created .com.au domains which focus on the sports that Australians love the most, but have also stripped out all other gambling related services as offered to their other customers around the world.  It should be noted that the legal penalties with regard to the Act all pertain to the service providers and not the users.  So it is still fully legal for Australians to access these outlawed gambling services should they so desire to.  Of the top Australian sports betting sites listed below, only BetVictor offers these online gambling services in addition to a sportsbook.  To understand how the list below was constructed, please read the research methodology outlined to the right of the list.

Betting Site List Methodology

The goal of this site, is to provide Australians with information about the best few online sportsbooks from an Australian bettor’s perspective.  

Although the Australian government has set forth laws and guidelines for those that want to provide service to Australians, many other online sportsbooks accept registrations from Aussie bettors. I’ve researched over 30 betting services from the perspective of every important betting market including Australia.  

Although Australian sports betting laws are written to punish the sportsbook companies, they neither prevent nor punish Australian citizens that choose to register and bet with betting providers that have decided not to adhere to government guidelines.  Since you are able to use both types of sites, I’ve reviewed both groups of sportsbooks from an Australian perspective - those that conform to the guidelines, and those that do not.  

Here is the full list of criteria that has been used to establish inclusion into the list of the best Australian sports betting sites.

It is key to understand that this is how each service is reviewed.  Many other sportsbook review sites list their reviews of every company they look at.  Even if they have a negative point to make, if not a fully negative review, they still post the sportsbook’s logos and banners which allows them to trade on the name of a sportsbook they don’t fully recommend.  Such sites also tend to use tools like bogus grades and star ratings to promote a sportsbook without reasons to justify the grade.

I don’t approach reviews in this manner.  My list is in black and white.  A betting site is either in my list, or not in my list.  Recommended or not, and the list is in alphabetical order.

Plus there are only four sites.  Would you read through a list of the 30+ sportsbooks that I reviewed?  Would you then likely register and begin betting with site #17.  That does not make any sense.  Read the reviews for these four sites, browse through some of the other topics that I touch upon and above all, enjoy yourself responsibly.  Only wager as much as you can afford.

BetVictor is known widely around the world for having the most competitive soccer odds. If soccer is going to be your sport of focus, then BetVictor must be at the top of your list. They of course cover all Australian favourites in addition to soccer.  Read the BetVictor Australia sports betting review.

bet365 is one of the biggest names in the sportsbook business.  With the most comprehensive sports betting coverage and the most intuitive online and mobile platforms, bet365 is simple to use with innovative features that set them apart.  Read the bet365 Australia sports betting review.

The best online sports betting sites for bettors in Australia

Go! Go!

PinnacleBet operates as a reduced-juice sportsbook.  This means they do not pay for team sponsorships or ads & the savings is passed back to bettors with consistently higher paying odds on all sports.  They also offer very high betting limits.  Read the PinnacleBet Australia sports betting review.


Unibet, headquartered in Stockholm, provides some amazing coverage of sports betting.  It seems that no niche is left uncovered.  If you like a breadth of sports, Unibet must be considered heavily.  Read the Unibet Australia review.


High Limit Sports Betting from Australia

Most sportsbooks cater to the average bettor.  However, with a relatively small population and a very high average income.  It makes sense to examine the betting sites that can accommodate bettors that wish to bet larger sums of money.

Some services are more able to accept high wagers than others.  I examine the limits at each of the sportsbooks I list so you can bet as much as you would like to, on the sports that interest you the most.

High Limit

Key Australian Betting Issues





Australian states & territories are responsible for gambling - what it means:

From your perspective as an Australian bettor, the biggest impact on you is whether or not you will be able to take advantage of various free bets, bonuses or other incentives that have been developed for first-time customers that want to get started betting on footy, soccer or horses.  All these online sportsbooks will accept your registration no matter where you live in Australia and you will be able to bet online, from your mobile phone or tablet at any time.  

However, if you live in Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia or Western Australia, the local state authorities have essentially banned these promotional bonus incentives within your jurisdiction.  If you live in Queensland, Northern Territory, Australian Capital Territory or Tasmania you will have full access to all of the available bonuses as offered by both bet365 and Unibet, as well as any other officially sanctioned Australian sportsbook.

How do the Australian gaming laws create a better experience for you:

In trying to abide by Australian guidelines, each of bet365, Unibet and PinnacleBet essentially created unique experiences that are completely targeted to Australian sporting and financial preferences including Australian Dollar sports betting.  Australia are a country obsessed with sport but are unique in the makeup of the sports of most interest.  When Australians say ‘footy,’ it means something completely different than any other country in the world, meaning the AFL, NRL and Super League.  In addition to football, cricket is an established passion with soccer a growing phenomenon with increasing popularity of the A-League and global popularity of the top European Competitions spreading to Australian shores with near ubiquitous status.  It’s not hard to understand why soccer has grown so fast in recent years with top Socceroos like excelling for clubs of in the English Premier League and beyond.

Each of these three sportsbooks have taken these Australian sporting interests to heart when structuring their service.  Knowing what’s popular, they have tailored their entire service so you may access these sports faster and where available gain the benefit of bonuses offers, accumulators and incentive that relate specifically to the most popular Australian sports.  For example, bet365 offers a deposit bonus up to $200, plus up to 65% on footy multi-bets and up to 100% in A-League and Euro soccer bets.  As noted above, the availability of these offers is restricted depending on your state or territory of residence.   

Should you only bet with Australian-Only sportsbooks?

bet365, PinnacleBet and Unibet have all decided that they wish to comply with Australian laws in stripping out all other gaming options from their offerings.  However, while they have complied with local laws, neutral observers could argue that the freedom of choice has been limited by the Australian government.  Each of these three offer casino gaming experiences at a top level for players around the world.  However, these laws have removed the option for Australians to play casino or bingo games with these companies.  Given that no individual player is at risk of legal repercussions, as an adult you should know that if you do want to bet on sports and play in an online casino from the same account in Australian Dollars, the best place to do so will be with BetVictor.  They continue to accept Aussie registrations, offer AUD accounts and provide excellent odds on every sport.  If you want to play more than sports, they are by far your best choice.

Banking with your sportsbook from Australia is easy

Key to your sportsbook experience is the manner in which you’ll be able to deposit and withdraw funds from your betting account via your chosen banking methods.  

Also key is your ability play with online sportsbooks that offer Australian Dollar betting accounts, otherwise you’d need to exchange currencies you would lose a significant amount of value in the amount exchanged.  All the sportsbooks listed offer AUD betting and are compatible with Aussie-friendly banking and transaction providers.

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